The Boar Upstairs is about an electronics engineer's passion to design and create.

See Hwa, Goh
is a Test Development Engineer by profession, residing in Germany. He spends most of his full-time career in the semiconductors industry debugging and designing test circuits, test concepts and writing programs. In his current new environment, he has found ample leisure time to seriously indulge in his hobbies. The new space has provided him with the necessary composure that re-kindles his passion to design. Catching on the positive vibes of recycling and upcycling activities here in Europe, he has decided to take his humble steps in upcycling designing, making simple and practical approaches to upcycle materials that seemingly have no more worth.

Being the boar living high up in the loft, the entire process of conceiving ideas, packaging and developing them within the constraints of upcycling materials to churning out useful end-products, has been truly liberating.